Rich in Minerals Cleansing Water
Rich in Minerals Cleansing Water
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Rich in Minerals Cleansing Water

Rich minerals from Kona Deep Sea Water added to refresh and nourish the skin

Kona deep sea water and green tea extracts, refreshes and nourishes the skin. Cleansing water removes heavy makeup and impurities for softer and smoother skin. This formula is perfect for sensitive skin and helps minimize skin irritation while keeping skin fresh and moisturized.


Soak a cotton pad with the cleansing water and gently sweep across face and eyes to remove any stubborn make-up, excess serum and residue. For the point makeup area, press it lightly on the area for 5~10 seconds and dissolve out the makeup and the wipe off softly.


Kona Deep Sea Water
Rich in minerals and marine ingredients, Kona deep sea water presents vital energy to the skin.

Green Tea
Assists with pore contraction through anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory activity, keeping the skin fresh and soft. Refreshes and revitalizes tired and aged skin due to oxygen free radicals.

Licorice Roots
Provides cell regeneration and is ideal for anti-aging, skin soothing and quickly recovering dry skin exposed to harsh external environmental stressors.

Ginger extract has skin protective anti-oxidant properties that nourish the skin and effectively whiten and remove wrinkles.

Schisandra Chinensis
Lignans in Schisandra Chinesis prevents cell damage, skin aging and helps repair damaged skin. It also contains powerful antioxidants that help maintain skin elasticity.




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