Rich in Minerals Lip & Eye Remover
Rich in Minerals Lip & Eye Remover
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Rich in Minerals Lip & Eye Remover

Multipurpose make-up remover that dissolves even the hardest to remove waterproof products

Formulated with Kona Deep Sea Water and natural-derived oils, this multipurpose make-up remover dissolves the hardest to remove waterproof products without irritation. It also soothes, brightens and firms the skin.


Shake well and soak a cotton pad with the remover. Gently and slowly sweep across lip and eyes to remove any stubborn make-up, excess serum and residue. Press the cotton pad gently on the target area for 5~10 seconds to dissolve the makeup and wipe off it softly.


Kona Deep Sea Water
Rich in minerals and marine ingredients, Kona deep sea water presents vital energy to the skin.

Green Tea
Assists with pore contraction through anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory activity, keeping the skin fresh and soft. Refreshes and revitalizes tired and aged skin due
to oxygen free radicals.

Licorice Roots
Provides cell regeneration and is ideal for anti-aging, skin soothing and quickly recovering dry skin exposed to harsh external environmental stressors.

Jojoba Seed Oil
Covers skin with a moisture film to prevent dryness. The lipids in Jojoba oil forms an oil film on skin and helps maintain balance between oil and water.

Prevents melanin pigmentation, soothes skin, relieves inflammation and excretes toxins out of the skin. It also helps prevent freckles, sunspots, and acne.




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